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Stereopairs and how they look?

Stereopair, a set of two images of the same object, obtained from two different camera angles. One image is considered the left eye, the other - right; depicted object with roomy.



Parallel way to view stereo pairs.

left eye sees the image located on the left, right - right.

To see the stereo image to:
- To sit exactly in front of the monitor at a distance of 0,70-1,2 m
- Relax the mind, so that the focus was not on the surface of the monitor, but as far as possible for him (infinitely far away). The idea is that the eyes parallel.

The advantage of this method is that the eyes do not get tired during long-term view.
- Distance between centers of stereo images should not exceed 65 mm (average distance between the pupils of the eyes). Otherwise, you must dilute the eyes in different directions, which is impossible.

Cross way

- To sit exactly in front of the monitor at a distance of 1-1,5 m
- I propose to take a pencil, holding it vertically, to bring the tip to the monitor in the center, between left and right stereo image. Now begin to slowly move the pencil in the direction of the nose, while looking at the tip of a pencil. Stereo images will, doubles and will not 2, and 4 and at what point the two merge into a central one is not clear.
- Slowly remove the pencil and move the sharpness
- Side not clear images can cover the palms.

The lack of eyes at a short distance to the monitor and a large amount of stereo tired.
- The size of stereo limited by the size of the monitor
- Most people simply view stereo images in this way













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